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 Animal Book Cover Tissue Salts for Animals

A comprehensive guide to the use of Schuessler Mineral therapy for animals, covering all 12 minerals, dosages, duration of application, minerals in the animal body.
The mineral salts in portrait, List of symptoms A-Z
Prevention rather than cure with Schuessler mineral salts.
Minerals and food
ISBN 978-0-9870846-0-6

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 Schuessler Salts Book front cover Schuessler Tissue Salts - 12 minerals for your health

A comprehensive guide to the use of the Twelve Tissue Salts and their ointments by Gunther H Heepen (foremost European practitioner – author, and former Vice President of the German Association of Biochemistry)
Introduction, modern developments, how and when the tissue salts help - Theory – self-treatment possibilities and limits, choosing your remedy, application and dosage of salts and ointments – length of treatment, commonly asked questions, mineral salts in the body and mineral salts in foods
The twelve salts of Dr Schuessler, Practice, disorders and remedies, the way to find your remedy, from the symptoms to the remedy, Common disorders A – Z – women’s disorders – childhood diseases and conditions.

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 Mind Cards 1

mindCards (pocket reminders for the use of Schuessler minerals) by Margit Mueller Frahling (President of the Institute of Biochemic Medicine for the EU) Author – Lecturer – Authority on the subject of Schuessler minerals – Author on behalf of the German Chemist association. 

Each book contains an overview of the 12 minerals details of each mineral and uses in simplified terms – special features – uses generally helpful questions to assist diagnosis – facial signs that may be present, and dosages. 


(17 cards joined top left corner for ease of use)

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Way to Good Health
Magazine for Biochemic Therapy and Natural Health Care

The English edition of ‘Weg zur Gesundheit’ has been published for more than 10 years and every two months provides information on interesting topics of the ‘Minerals of Life’, as the Tissue Salts or the Biochemic Therapy according to Dr. Schüssler is often referred to.

Annual subscription = 6 issues

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