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The Diploma Course “The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy" (incorporating Facial Diagnostics) is presented by:

  • The Alliance for Biochemic Medicine (Dr W.H. Schuessler) Ltd and
  • The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific)

In Association with - Approved and Accredited by:

  • German Association of Biochemistry, founded in 1885 and
  • European Institute for Biochemistry of Dr. Schuessler
  • International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) - Global Insurance available

The Diploma course (English language) is available by Distance Learning (Correspondence) - Worldwide

This course provides a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the Biochemic System of Medicine by Dr med W.H. Schuessler, founder of Biochemistry.

Course outline

  • Fundamentals of Biochemistry accorded to Dr. Schuessler
  • Each of the 12 mineral salts individually described
  • Signs and symptoms of deficiencies (including patient history)
  • The Use of and the Art of Facial Diagnostics, and Diagnostics generally
  • Treatments - Prescriptions - Doses; and the important aspect of detecting why there are deficiencies of these essential elements. By use of these methods, applied to the proven science of Biochemic Therapy, seeks to teach the student how to treat the cause, rather than the signs and symptoms, of the disease, and the wipe scope of use of these essential elements.
  • Physiological aspect of the elements in their Structural, Electrochemical, Metabolic, Catalytic and Miscellaneous roles
  • Mineral salts as Cation and Anion pairs
  • Absorption and Assimilation
  • Value of the Arndt Schultz Law in considering the prescription.
  • Role and Effects of the mineral salts in the process of Osmosis, and how this can positively affect absorption and assimilation of both Homoeopathic, Allopathic, and Alternative therapeutic treatments.

Study Material

It is divided into four parts, designed to be accomplished at a “self-learning pace” over a period of 6 - 12 months, and forwarded as a complete unit, comprising:

  • Administration & Introduction
  • General course study material
  • Additional Study Notes and further information
  • Magnesium - An Essential Element of Life (Magnesium Phosphate), by Dr. A. Sutton
  • Facial Diagnostics - An Introduction to the Biochemic healing method, by Peter Emmrich
Study Requirements

A minimum of 280 hours (two hundred and eighty) – including the submission of assessment papers.

The requirements of study are divided as follows:
  • Administration and Introduction – 40 hours
  • The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine (Diploma Course) 12 minerals –  240 hours

Final Assessment

The final assessment will be made through:

  1. The submission of three assessment papers during the term of the course
  2. A final examination, comprising 30 questions


Full support during the course of study - online and/or SKYPE (where applicable) - is available by qualified and professional tutors – email: or

                                                            Course Fee:   AUD 700.00
With effect 01. July 2019 Course fee will be AUD 800.00

Registration form

Forward registration form to or go to for payment via PayPal

The course is open to all Health professionals and lay persons, wishing to increase their knowledge of this fascinating but natural and scientifically proven method of healing.

Please note the course is not available in digital format - available only as hard copy books and notes!

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